ALOHA India National Competition, 2016


ALOHA India conducted its Thirteenth National Level Competition on Thursday, the 29th December, 2016 amidst great zest, vibrance and elation at BLUE LAGOON RESORT in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

ALOHA INDIA NATIONAL LEVEL COMPETITION gives an opportunity and a platform for all the ALOHA Students to highlight their proficiency in Abacus and Mental Arithmetic skills.

Over 1150 students from 25 states participated in this mega event. The competition which tested speed and accuracy in arithmetic, the ALOHA students had five minutes to solve as many as 70 arithmetic sums depending on the students’ level, using only an abacus or mental arithmetic.


The event was presided by the chief guests Mr..Loh Mun Sung(Founder President Of ALOHA International), Mrs. Kiran Motwani (Director For ALOHA International), Mr. Raúl Soler and Ms. María Soledad Miro (ALOHA Spain) and Ms. Diana Artunduaga (ALOHA Ecuador)

The programme commenced with the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp by the Hon’ble Chief Guests escorted by the other dignitaries. Entailing the bouquet presentation.

The astounding competition started with unveiling of the question papers by Mr.K.Kumaran (Director of ALOHA India) in presence of chief guests. Assessing the papers with in 3 hours with expert panel and the results were announced on the same day.


The Prize ceremony held on the same day and over 600 trophies, medals and performance awards were distributed to Franchises, Course Instructors, students besides all the participants also receiving a participation certificate.

Parents and franchises were complete silence until their children called up on the dais, every one Greeted with pats on their backs and hugs from parents. Winners have brought lot of pride to their respective cities and training centres by demonstrating highest level of mathematic skills with the help of hand and eye calculation.

The ceremony concluded by Vote of Thanks, who thanked all the esteemed dignitaries and participants, team of Aloha for boosting the morale of young and vibrant students.

The programme culminated with the National Anthem.

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