International Competition 2014,Hangzhou,China


dongcheng-2On the 8th of June, students from across the country and indeed across the oceans flocked at Dong Cheng Elementary School in beautiful Hangzhou city, “The paradise on the earth”, Zhejiang, China. It was like a gathering of the budding mathematicians and a great opportunity for Master licensees, parents, management and students to meet each other. Children from several countries like China, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Spain and Mexico participated, which was absolutely fantastic.

The Zhusuan Awards  of the Year 2014 were given to those who had contributed significantly to the development of ALOHA International ..It was the proudest moment for the recipients of that prestigious Award. It was an honour indeed. A lot of work goes into making a competition successful… We would like to say huge thanks to Principal Mr. Liu Jin Bin without whom this event would not have been a success, our chief guests Mr. Chen, Madam Fei and Mr. Tsai Chin Yu from Taiwan.



The ALOHA team who worked day and night to make this event a memorable one. Participants greatly enjoyed the experiences during the competition as there is a high level of excitement in being a part of this spectacular event. Such competitions give the students an opportunity to travel nationally and internationally, which is an experience to cherish and learn many new things!!!!!