International Competition 2015, Manila Philippines



The Philippines, also called The Pearl of the Orient, and famous worldwide for its white sand beaches, warm weather and friendly folks, hosted the 2015 ALOHA Mental Arithmetic International Competition. On a beautiful, sunny day last July 26,

ALOHA students from several countries converged at the premiere business district of Makati City.

Months prior to this event, ALOHA Philippines, together with the coaches, school heads and other ALOHA executives started the long, meticulous preparations for its very first hosting of this annual competition. A lot of details went into the planning to ensure the security, convenience and pleasant stay of our guests participants.

The chosen venue, Fairmont Hotel, was full-packed as early as 9am as students and their companions eagerly lined-up and proceeded to their assigned seats. Students coming from Spain, Mexico, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India and the Philippines battled for the top prize. Despite the competitive atmosphere, new friendships and bonds were formed among the students and their families transcending nationalities and geographical boundaries under the unifying spirit of the ALOHA international community.

 The tournament culminated in the awarding of medals to all the participants and the announcement of the champions where the true heroes of the event shared the stage with fellow winners. The pride and joy in their smiles are proof enough that ALOHA will have a huge positive impact in their lives in the years to come. 

 The trophies were presented by Mr. Loh Mun Sung, the Founder President , Mrs. Kiran Motwani,International Director, Mr. Ronnie Vergel de Dios from ALOHA Philippines, Mr. Haider Ali and Mr. Saiful Karim from ALOHA Bangladesh, Mr. Tushar Kansagara from ALOHA India, Ms. Julieta Torres from ALOHA Mexico, Mr. Tsai Chin Yu the Mental Arithmetic world champion from Taiwan and our special thanks to the Bangladesh Ambassador, His Excellency Maj. Gen. John Gomes for his presence.   

 This event will surely leave its mark on the participants, their families and most especially to the host country, the Philippines, for having the privilege and honor of serving and hosting this most important ALOHA tradition.


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