INT. Competition 2012, Malaysia-Australia Information

Aloha International, Malaysian Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association along with Zheijiang Abacus and Xinsuan Association of China is proud to announce

“Aloha International Mental Arithmetic Competition 2012”

In order to have maximum participation from all our students  Aloha International is all set to conduct the Competition in two phases .

The first round of Competition will be launched at Ipoh, Perak Malaysia on 26th May 2012.

The second and concluding round of the competition will be held at Sydney Australia on 05thAug 2012.

Aloha International invites participation from all registered Aloha students across the world. Interested students may opt for any one of the above places to attend the competition.

For further details on participation, registration  and on the event, kindly contact your Aloha Learning Center or the regional / corporate office in your respective countries. All students interested may send in their registration forms.

Attention all our students from the International Network Aloha International will also help you arrange for your accommodation and airport pick ups and any other help you might need to travel.

So come on Kids!!

Here is a wonderful opportunity to test your “Aloha Computational skills” on an International ground with a galore of prizes and recognitions to be won.

Hurry up and register….

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