International Competition 2018 Information

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It’s time to register for the International Competition 2018!

Come to the ALOHA International Competition and test your skills with the best ALOHA students in the world wherein students from more than 35 countries are invited to participate.

We are preparing for a big celebration where there will be lots of fun, surprises and recognition for everyone. Registration will be open until the 22nd May, 2018.

It’s really easy to register for the event. There are only 3 steps:

1. Fill the form and send it to the nearest ALOHA centre or to

2. Pay the fee in advance to confirm the registration

3. Pack your bags!!!

Hurry up! There’s no time to lose, we want you to come and be part of this annual event.

* For further information, please contact your ALOHA Learning Center or write us at


In Moscow, the capital of Russia, you will be able to experience more fully and gain a complete picture of this great city’s life and culture. The list includes sightseeing attractions, cultural activities, ways to see the city, etc.

We want to share with you the essence of Moscow. These are the places you must visit and the food you must taste.

  • Kremblin: the heart of the historic district of the city and the long-time seat of government, the Kremlin contains palaces, churches and museums.
  • Red Square: few places in the world bear the weight of history to the extent that Moscow’s central square does.
  • St. Basil´s Cathedral: officially called “The Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin by the Moa”, although it’s known to everyone as St. Basil’s.
  • Tretyakov Gallery: the Gallery’s collection consists entirely of Russian art and artists who have made а contribution to the history of Russian art.
  • The Orlov Museum of Paleontology: it contains exhibits representing almost every type of fossil organism that exists. Be ready to see particularly dinosaurs from Mongolia, therapsids from the Perm region of Russia, and Precambrian fossils from Siberia.
  • Robot Museum (Robotostantsia): As you can imagine there are lots of robots in this museum. The museum’s collection contains, for example, a robot dog that can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h, the robot chef, a robot actor and even a robotic orchestra.


Pirozhki: these little pastries can be packed full of potatoes, meat, cabbage, or cheese.

Blini: are served rolled with a variety of fillings jam, cheese, onions, or even chocolate syrup. Blini are always a safe bet!

Morozhenoe: it is common to find it  with a variety of topping to choose from—like fruit, nuts, or chocolate. Russians love this ice cream, maybe you´ll too!

There is so much to do and taste in Moscow, so come to the ALOHA International Competition and know the culture of this beautiful place!

All the ALOHA students are invited to come:

Venue: WORLD TRADE CENTER, Moscow, Russia.

Date: 22nd July, 2018

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


6 thoughts on “International Competition 2018 Information

  1. jairaj says:

    dear sir, kindly put up the application form for international competition on website. How much is the competition fee? what is the cut-off date for the participating level?

    • admin says:

      Hello Mr. Jairaj, the form has been uploaded, the fees is 75 USD, and all the other information has been sent to the country delegate.
      Thanks, looking forward to meet you in Moscow.
      ALOHA International

  2. Luis says:

    Good morning administrador ! My name is Luis, My daugther would like yo attend to competition representing MEXICO this year. My daugther and I have a double citizen ship Mexican/American . Can we register and Apply for a VISA with American passaport representing Mexico or do we need to get a Mexican passaport to travel to Russia ? Thank you ! Look forward to hear from you soon.

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