Polina Tjugito – ALOHA Australia

polina gif1_7_sAloha International is proud to have Ms. Polina Tjugito as our new Aloha Star. She is the Country licensee & Managing Director of Aloha Abacus Australia. A mother with 2 young kids has been a resident of Sydney Australia for over 30 years. A fully employed Financial officer by career with an academic chemical engineering background, She joined the Aloha International network as the Country Master franchisee for Australia in the year 2000. She was fascinated by the concept of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic. It was her belief that this concept would help the Australian children in their numerical skills.

An entrepreneur with the vision to make a change in children’s lives, she introduced the unique concept of Aloha franchising in Australia. With her commitment and dedication in teaching she made a difference to a lot of kids and won the respect of her students, teachers and parents alike. Her perception and vision for the Aloha Concept made her a popular member of her community. She trained her young daughter Tiffany to be the model student of Aloha. Tiffany won the hearts of many Australians with her skilled demonstrations in Aloha Mental Arithmetic. Today Tiffany is one of the youngest Aloha Abacus teachers on her team.

It was Mrs. Tjugito’s enthusiasm for Aloha that attracted her friends to become her franchisees and some of them quit their full time jobs to become Aloha franchisees. Today there are 8 Aloha learning centers in Sydney and one in Melbourne. She along with her network of franchisees have worked hard to popularize the concept of Aloha in the community and in Australian schools. Though initially the concept was met with stiff resistance from all involved but thanks to efforts of her team members like Molly Foo, Lenie Kumulia, Grace Wong, Poppy Lais, Julie Tanuwidjaja, Cathrine Tanuwidjaja, David and Vicky Yang Aloha was recognized for its contribution to a child’s learning. She has been our ambassador in Australia to introduce the “Chinese Abacus” and the Asian Aloha program to the native non Asian Australians.
5666Mrs Kumulia was the pioneer of implementing Aloha Abacus to one of the most prestigious private school in Sydney, Tangara School in 2002. Having seen the results achieved by students undertaking the Abacus program, Tangara schools implemented the Abacus concept as part of their math program. Tangara is recognized as being amongst the top private school in NSW. This school is constantly achieving excellent academic results and is constantly striving to give their students access to the best educational practices available.

With her dynamic personality and her strong commitment towards Aloha helped her to launch our concept in New Zealand in 2004. Teresa Lim and Belinda Sim are the Master Franchisee for New Zealand under Mrs Tjugito guidance. Mrs Lim and Mrs Sim made a remarkable start for the Aloha Program by the appointment of 4 Aloha Learning Centers in Auckland.

She arranged the First International Aloha Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition in 2005 for all Aloha students across the globe.  Nearly 500 students from 8 countries participated in this mega event making it a huge success. She was also awarded the “Zhusuan Award for Excellence” in 2005 for as recognition for her efforts on spreading the concept of Aloha and Abacus.

polinapic1It makes us very happy to see all our Aloha students doing extremely well in their academics. It is due to her dedicated effort in teaching children that has produced such stunning results. Aloha Abacus has helped many children to do well in their study and a lot of Aloha students have qualified to receive scholarship and have accepted into prestigious merit schools in Sydney.

We at Aloha International are very proud to have her as part of our global Aloha fraternity. She is our Aloha Star and we wish her and her team all the very best for a bright future.