Response to Demand

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic has embarked on a systematic development program designed to take ALOHA to masses all over the world by means of licensing out its considerable expertise, knowledge and resources in the field of Mental Arithmetic.

A PROVEN BUSINESS MODEL – ALOHA International has been in operation since 1993 and has an established name and reputation in more than 30 countries in the field of mental arithmetic and abacus education! It’s a partner you can count on!

LOW CAPITAL, HIGH RETURNS – ALOHA License has low start up and cost of revenue and generates cash flow from day one.

OWN AN OPPORTUNITY TO INVEST IN TOMORROW – Learning ALOHA gives kids a huge boost in their problem-solving and arithmetic skills! An ALOHA license gives you the chance to shape the minds of tomorrow’s future leaders!

HIGH POTENTIAL FOR PROFIT AND GROWTH – The education sector remains a strongly growing market, as parents continue to look for ways to give their children an academic advantage and quality implemented education.

A BUSINESS THAT’S EASY TO LEARN AND OPERATE – The ALOHA business is smooth, efficient, and clearly documented in comprehensive license manuals to help guide you to success!


With over 4,000 centers spread across 30 countries… and growing! Join the ALOHA Family!