Business Licencing

Frequently Asked Questions

LICENCING involves one party developing a successful business model, which is then licensed to another party to set up and run a wholly identical venture in a particular area for a specific period of time. The party granting the license is the LICENSOR and the party taking the license is called the LICENSEE.

A substantial, exclusive reputation and goodwill exists in the name of ALOHA. The Licensor (ALOHA) holds the right to the intellectual property. The Licensee is one who desires to obtain the benefit of knowledge, skill and experience of the Licensor upon the terms and conditions set out in our legal agreements.

The Licensee is permitted to use the ALOHA trade name, image, systems, and procedures and operating manual for the duration of the Licence, ownership of which lies with the Licensor. ALOHA would be entitled to exercise complete control over their usage by the Licensee.

ALOHA offers a license to the Licensee for operation in a specific country, area / territory based on the International boundaries outlined in the official map.

To qualify to be an ALOHA Licensee you will need to possess an office space (self-owned or rented) in a central commercial and easily accessible area in a major city of the country. The premises should also have independent access, attached toilet facilities and should be well ventilated with a good visibility and frontage. The office must be fully automated with computer systems, Internet, telephones, fax, etc. You must also have an existing manpower to cater to all the Licensee demands in the country and must possess the ability and capability to employ staff as and when the need arises.

To start an ALOHA business license, you will need to have sufficient funds to start your business. The funds shall cover expenses for:

  • Infrastructure and ambience
  • Furniture and fittings
  • Equipments and educational material
  • Licensing Fee
  • Pre-operating expenses such as rental, staff
  • Marketing, etc.

The licensee will have to make an initial payment of the license fee to commence operations.

License Orientation Program (LOP)

An orientation program will be held for training the licensee and its key personnel at the Licensor’s corporate office. The LOP aims at helping the licensee understand the ALOHA business and transferring the knowledgeware gathered by the Licensor.

Technical training & counselors training

Technical training will be imparted to trainers on an ongoing basis along with the specially developed training module for counselors on admission prospecting.


Licensee will be provided with a business implementation manual , which will help the Licensee to run the ALOHA business as per the standard operating procedures prescribed for the conduct of the business.

Supply of Materials

ALOHA will provide the required material to run the program in the country.

Technical training and on going support

The technical training for the program will be provided both in the printed and soft copy form along with training aids. The benefits of on going research and development will be transferred to the Licensee to keep abreast of the curriculum development.

  1. Sending a license enquiry / an expression of interest.
  2. Receiving – filing of evaluation / application form.
  3. Evaluation of business plan – background / interests.
  4. Letter of confirmation / business proposal.
  5. Acceptance / licensee registration / agreement draft.
  6. Registration approval / license fee downpayment.
  7. Agreement signing and ALOHA country launch to be finalized.
  8. Licensee form detail to be submitted along with the balance payments.
  9. Agreement / launch process / website listing.
  10. Getting started with the business.
  11. Recruitment of staff / License Orientation Program (LOP) at the corporate office.
  12. Teachers training for curriculum / commencement of operation.
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