Our Vision

The ALOHA Mental Arithmetic concept is based on the use of ancient abacus – an essential tool that promotes not only the ability to calculate large numerical calculations in the mind with ease and speed, but also provides the essentials for child’s brain development in its formative years. It is a foothold, which must be treading in the ladder of life.

Our vision is to empower students from 5 to 13 years of age to grow to success with the help of this wonderful, innovative, comprehensive, easily accessible and yet affordable concept.

Our Mission

To create a network of ALOHA Learning Centres across the globe providing a quality deliverance of the ALOHA methodology to the students through this novel and holistic whole brain development program aimed to help them succeed by creating a strong academic foundation for life.

“Indigo comes from blue, and is yet greater than blue…”

– Xun Zi (Chinese Philosopher)


At ALOHA, it is also our belief that our students are moulded by the teachers to become greater than their own teachers with the help of the knowledge learnt and their own efforts. The indigo colour in our logo outlines this. It is representing our teachers to equip our students with the knowledge that makes them better than us. The green leaf outlines the tender age of the young children who join the ALOHA family to become the success they desire.