Abacus Learning Of Higher Arithmetic

Adopted and developed the abacus computational method from China and Taiwan, Mr. Loh Mun Sung founded ALOHA in 1993, having the objective of introducing the arithmetic programs to, likewise benefiting, the children of Malaysia ages 5 to 13.

In its more than 20 years of experience, ALOHA has expanded to 4,000 centres worldwide, only proving its effective program, along this line, making ALOHA the leading developmental program for children’s mental arithmetic learning.

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic uses the abacus as the only element in teaching the “basic concept” in mental calculation. Training the child with this ancient method enhances their skill in mind computing.

Advised by a panel of experts in various fields in mathematics, ALOHA has a qualified academic board with renowned professors and teachers who are trained to provide quality education that is fun and accurate.

ALOHA Objectives

Provide a quality skill based Mental Arithmetic program incorporating the most innovative advances in education;

To offer a valuable service to the community by contributing to the development of children – the future citizens, while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.