Ali Haider Chowdhury – ALOHA Bangladesh

bang ali1_10_sMr. Ali Haider Chowdhury,Managing Director of Aloha Bangladesh, is the fellow member of The Institute of Cost and Management Accountant of Bangladesh. A management graduate from Dhaka University he started his career with Nestle Bangladesh. Impressed with his professional competency to the company, by his dedication, endeavor and sincerity, Nestle Bangladesh deputed him to Nestle India to work and gain recognitions.

It was at this time while residing in New Delhi, he first came across Aloha program. As an committed parent he enrolled his twin daughters into the program. This began his journey with Aloha.  Although they are naturally talented and brilliant in their studies, he was quick to observe changes in his children.

This change was the catalyst to his desire to introduce Aloha in Bangladesh. Mr Ali wanted all the children in Bangladesh to benefit from this wonderful concept. It was s strong belief that grew in his mind that this unique learning method “Aloha” will surely develop the brain of Bangladeshi children. He took a bold decision and resigned from his growing career at Nestle and decided to start Aloha in Bangladesh.


He came back from India and joined with Unicom Group. Aloha Bangladesh was launched on March 11, 2006.

It is due to his sincere and committed efforts that has led Aloha to success in Bangladesh.  It has certainly been a herculean challenge to introduce Aloha – A skill development program in a developing country like Bangladesh.  The country where par capita income is very low, parents are rushing to the coaching centers to ensure that their children acquire academic skills to help them towards a successful future, Mr Ali and his team at Aloha Bangladesh have managed to spread the benefits of Aloha in the country. Despite all adverse economical and unstable political situation, Mr. Ali  has been successful in making Aloha as the best International Mental Arithmetic program for the children of Bangladesh.


It would not have been possible for Mr. Ali to continue in his endeavor to launch Aloha in Bangladesh without the unconditional and moral support from his wonderful wife. Mrs Ali has contributed and supported Mr. Ali tremendously in this journey.

Mr.Ali believes that Aloha will one day be a part of every Bangladeshi child and will bea popular program with all parents and academicians involved.


We at Aloha International are proud to nominate Mr Ali Haider Chowdhury As our Aloha Star. We congratulate him on his immense success and wish him and his team the very best for the future of  Aloha Bangladesh.