ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is in Russia now!!!

ALOHA is in Russia now……..


ALOHA welcomes a new member country in its family – Russia. After our milestone entry into Uzbekistan, our first Russian-speaking country, in October 2016, ALOHA has reached the biggest country in the world. We are happy to announce ALOHA Russia as our new global member.


Representatives of ALOHA Russia are Dr. Janna Khegai and her sister Evgeniya. Dr. Janna Khegay is a successful mother of three children, founder of child centers, previously worked in state agency for education, holds PhD degree from the University of Leuven, Belgium. Evgeniya has management experience and holds 2 Masters degrees in management and economics.

Both sisters travelled all the way to Surat, India to witness one of the regional competitions where more than 2500 students participated and the signing ceremony took place in Surat, India in October 2016. During this visit, they also traveled to Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

They are running successful child centers “USPEH” (“success” in English) in Moscow. The centers were founded by Dr. Janna Khegai and her husband Rustam Khitakhunov with intention to contribute to education in Russia and improve various skills of children.

Together with Master Trainer in Russia Margarita Demina, who has degree in pedagogy and experience in teaching children, they hope to combine all competences and make ALOHA Mental Arithmetic known as the best mental arithmetic program in Russia.

Since ALOHA Mental Arithmetic established in Russia, it is highly appreciated by parents and teachers for its quality and positive results as mentioned in the scientific study.

We at ALOHA International congratulate Dr. Janna Khegai and her ALOHA Russia team and we wish them all the very best in all their endeavors.



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