Mr. Arvinder Mann – ALOHA Canada

Mr. Arvinder Mann – ALOHA Canada CEO

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people” – Steve Jobs


From 2012 to present day seems as though to be ages ago. However, for Mr. Arvinder Mann it seems to be just yesterday that he embarked on the adventurous journey of opening the first ALOHA Mental Arithmetic centre in Canada.

At 46, he shares with us his reflections on what ALOHA has meant for him and his family. He describes it as “a personal goal, which became a cherished family dream”.

All the members of his family are involved in the ALOHA adventure: his wife, whom is the head trainer, and also a dedicated teacher. His oldest daughter is also a teacher as well. His younger daughter manages the office and his son, whom is the youngest enjoys being the “demo kid” of ALOHA, and shows parents and potential students what benefits the ALOHA program can hold for a child’s development. Arvinder, who shows great happiness and gratitude, says “[his] family helps way too much!”

In 2011 he visited India to witness the National Level Competition in Surat, Gujarat that was attended by more than 5000 children. He was utterly impressed to see what children enrolled in the ALOHA program were capable of. Without hesitation, he signed with ALOHA International in order to bring the program to Canada.

Mr. Arvinder and his family live in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, so it was quite logical that the first ALOHA centre opened its doors there. Today, they have successfully expanded in more regions of Canada, such as Ontario and Alberta. Not only do they have their centres as points where children can get involved in the program, but also recently they have introduced ALOHA program in schools.

10991579_635742283219218_4642039304070103781_oMr. Arvinder thinks they have managed to grow slowly but steadily in Canada. When he analyzes his hard work over the years, he says “There is a lot of work to do every day: promoting the program, maintaining quality classes, keeping parents informed, etc. All this without losing sight of our ultimate goal: Benefit more Canadian children with ALOHA. Every day we begin with renewed energy; full of confidence in ourselves and in ALOHA.”

With great certainty in his thoughts, Mr. Arvinder says “ALOHA is successful in other countries and I am quite proud for sharing that success in Canada! My goal, right now is to expand all over Canada as soon as possible”.

One element that helps him to maintain the tenacity of his work is the positive feedback he gets from parents and children enrolled in the program.

His heart is filled with satisfaction when he hears that parents are grateful with the program, because of the academic success these children have achieved due to ALOHA.

Hand in hand with the Master Trainer, Arvinder integrates all the ALOHA´s learning and material, so that children can get the highest benefit from this program”.

“Our success is based on teamwork. The commitment of her family and everyone involved with ALOHA in Canada is indispensable and invaluable in all they have done. I am extremely grateful to all of them”, he says finally with a big smile on his face.



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  1. Samiul says:

    Hi, I would like to enrol my 7 yrs old daughter at ALOHA. She has just completed its Junior level in Bangladesh. Let me know the details please.

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      Hello Samiul,

      Can we request you to contact ALOHA Bangladesh delegates to get the information please!
      ALOHA Internaltional

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