Mr. Kamal Motwani – ALOHA Mexico

Mr. Kamal Motwani – ALOHA Star

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”  Abraham Lincoln.

We are proud to present the ALOHA Star of the year, Mr. Kamal Motwani, Expansion Director of ALOHA International and CEO of ALOHA Mexico. In the past 10 years, Mr. Motwani has dedicated his time, effort and passion towards recognition, growth and expansion of the ALOHA brand throughout the world, of course with the continued support of Mr. Loh.

Mr. Kamal Motwani, a successful businessman apart, is also a dedicated husband and an excellent father of two incredible young boys Ronit and Samir. “Ronit and Samir have won 4 consecutive ALOHA International Competitions and have been proclaimed “Grand Champions'”, he says with pride in his smile.

The interesting story of bonding between Mr. Kamal and ALOHA started when the youngest of his children had difficulties coping in school. This prompted his wife, Mrs. Kiran Motwani and him look for options that could help improve their son’s concentration and attention. This was when one of their closest friends recommended  them to try ALOHA during their family holidays in India, country of origin of Mr. and Mrs. Motwani.
Soon they began to see fantastic results in their children.

This life-changing outcome made Mr. Motwani decide to be part of the ALOHA family with a Master Licensee and thus share the benefits of the program starting from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, city where they resided. With positive encouragement, they soon expanded the business all over Spain along with his partners, in turn benefiting many children for life.
At the beginning of his integration as Expansion Director of ALOHA International, the brand had a presence in less than 20 countries and today ALOHA has made its mark in 39 countries.

ALOHA Mexico’s new administration began with 6 franchises and enrolment of 2000 students in June 2016 with Mr. Kamal as its CEO, ably supported by Mr. Aldo Chew. In less than 3 years, ALOHA Mexico has today grown into a renowned brand with more than 50 franchises and over 10,000 students enrolled, from differents states of Mexico.
“The most important factor that I can attribute to the success we have had in ALOHA is that during the process of sales we like to be financially honest and realistic with the people interested” said Mr. Kamal.

The CEO of ALOHA Mexico also adds in his own words the reason behind his success as follows: “The main part of the success of any corporation, always is the “team work”. Going by experience, I am lucky to have the best team ever”

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