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“All that we are is the result of what we have thought” – Buddha

Perhaps this was etched in the mind of Mr. Kumaran, Chairman, ALOHA India who is the ALOHA STAR of the year. In 2000, Mr. Kumaran with his wife Mrs.Renuka visited Malaysia and had a chance to witness their friend’s daughter who was dem- onstrating Calculations in Abacus that she learnt from ALOHA classes. Mr. Kumaran was amazed to see that the child was effortlessly manipulating 4 digits with ease. That was when the idea of bringing the wonder- ful concept of Abacus learning to India occurred.

ALOHA India growth

He  started with  one  ALOHA centre in  Chennai in  2002 and enrolled 3  students in   the  first week! It  grew to 30 in  the first month and to 300 in  10 months. The past 12 years has been an exciting and exhilarating one for Mr. Kumaran.


kumaran-1The tremendous experience he gained   from   ALOHA    India drove him to start a school  in Chennai and he runs that also very successfully.

He  says  he  learnt  the  art    of active  listening, being  patient, being assertive from Mr.Loh. He admires Mr.Loh’s dictum that in matter   of   relationships,   flow with the current  like water; in the  matter  of  principles stand like rock. Mr. Kumaran is  also mentoring young entrepreneurs in  his  own quiet way.
As he looks back on these 12 eventful years, he glows with satisfaction that ALOHA  has trained over 500,000  students, given employment to over 6000 people besides earning the goodwill of parents across  the length and breadth of India. He does not forget all   those who stood by him –  right from the office boy, those who struggled with him in  the early days, the current crop of teachers and the scores of men and women who made ALOHA what it is today.

More than a successful entrepreneur

I was amazed at the fact how a business can rejuvenate a person by giving him different , unique life   experiences and transform him into a better humanbeing Mr.Kumaran exemplifies this fact vividly. He says at  the end of it  all  “peace and happiness”  is    what  he  wanted  and ALOHA  has given it   in   plenty.  While traveling in  China in  2006, he met with an  almost  fatal accident  but  miracu- lously survived. He recalls that incident and says that “the GOOD  LORD has more things to accomplish through me and hence he let  me live” with his  char- acteristic modesty. He  is   in   search  of that purpose and calling.The journey continues…

-Interviewed by Dr. Vasuki Mathivanan

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