Mr. Ranabir Roy – ALOHA Tripura, India

Mr. Ranabir Roy – ALOHA Star

“In any work: Learn it, give your best effort, face the challenges, you may fall, try to wake-up, it will be so hard, be positive, your goals are waiting at your destiny!”

Ranabir Roy a 33-year-old “Iron man”, whatever he determines he achieves with “hardwork and sincerity”, happily married to Satavisha Dey Roy and father of a lovely baby, named Ratnesh, about to turn 6 months old, coming from a small state called Tripura in the Northeast of India and on the border with Bangladesh.

His story at ALOHA is full of tenacity and perseverance. He started working at ALOHA India corporate office in Chennai year 2008, but after 6 months his story within ALOHA took an unexpected turn, he had to return back to Tripura, his hometown. Roy returned willingly to face his destiny with a great dream in his heart: of awarding the children of his state with the benefits that ALOHA offers.

February 2009, was the beginning, in his own words pathetic. “Nobody knew ALOHA, it was a whole new concept for people in Tripura. They always asked if it was some meditation or magic that had to do with the numbers”.-he told us between laughs. But no matter how tired or impossible it was to explain what ALOHA was, he always woke up very early every morning to get on his bicycle and repeat the task of going places, distributing the flyers. It was 3 years of continuous day & night effort. From his early age he went on taking experiences, working at Maria Montessori Teachers Training College as an instructor, at Women Welfare Development as an Administrator & lastly being an painting teacher at his self institution Pikaso Academy Of Art & Fabric’s that still exists in Tripura.

Anyone else would have surrendered in less than a year. But for Roy, nothing is impossible. Shall do as much as we can but shall never expect for results, as results are the final blessings of the supreme soul- “The Almighty: GOD”

It was finally in 2012, that their efforts began to bear fruit. The ALOHA classes started in February, 2009 with 67 children and he managed to open 5 centres. ALOHA is not for him or his family a job/business, it is part of his life -he said it proudly.

DSC_0407When we asked what had motivated him to join ALOHA, without hesitating a second, he answered: the desire to do the things differently, I want to give something innovative to my society & children.

This 2017, ALOHA Tripura participated for the first time in a competition outside India. An unforgettable experience with 44 children and for Mr & Mrs. Roy, who had to carry out the tramitation of the Passport for 140 people, transportation, accommodation for these children and their parents. Much work, impossible task, many things to coordinate but all that effort was rewarded when returning from Bangladesh to Tripura with 30 trophies.

ALOHA Tripura has been recognized by the government people. Currently has approximately 1500 students, enrolled in the program.

With his eyes full of satisfaction Roy finished this interview by pointing out that the blessing of God has accompanied him all this time, giving him great challenges and impelling him to succeed. 




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