Mrs. Kiran Motwani – ALOHA Spain & ALOHA Intl. Director

kiran1_9_sMrs Kiran Motwani a young mother of two young energetic boys… Ronit and Samir, stumbled upon ALOHA in her quest to encourage her young son in academics. She chanced upon ALOHA in one of her trips to India from Spain. It literally was a turning point not only in her young sons lives but also in her own too.

As she saw her sons enthusiasm and motivations grow to do ALOHA, her belief in ALOHA and its concept grew. The young mother continued with diligent practice in ALOHA studies with her kids in Spain even though ALOHA was yet to be introduced in Spain then. Her efforts soon gave her a bounty as the children began to do calculations with large numbers at amazing speeds and accuracy.

They won competition trophies in all the ALOHA International Competitions conducted in China and Malaysia in the last 3 years. As a parent her belief in ALOHA is immense and she attributes the confidence gained by her youngest son Ronit mainly to ALOHA. This child has shown brilliance not only in ALOHA but also in all his academics. Although her older son Samir was always a bright student but with his newly acquired ALOHA skills have helped him excel in all his studies progressively.


This change in the young boys was soon noticed by the Spanish teachers and friends. The Spanish parents especially were very much impressed by her children’s academic performance especially in mathematics, they were astonished with their speed and accuracy in calculation. They began asking Kiran whether a similar program could be started in Spain.

This quest started the journey for Kiran’s efforts to launch ALOHA in Spain. And with the help and support of Salvador Vila, Ricardo Almeida, Sergio Vila, Stephane Guyot and Kamal Motwani, ALOHA was launched in Spain in November 2009……  . It’s the dedicated and committed efforts of all involved that ALOHA Spain has achieved recognition not only nationally in Spain but also Internationally in Spanish speaking countries in the world.

It’s the team effort which has brought ALOHA in Spain to this height today. As they were the first ones to launch ALOHA in Europe, it was very difficult in the beginning for them to introduce the ALOHA Concept as nobody knew what was an abacus and what its benefits were but now thanks to wide spread efforts in marketing and publicity it is getting very popular.

Till date in Spain, they have around 1500 students enrolled in ALOHA and this activity is focused in the schools as an extra school activity. They are in the phase of expansion. They have already started ALOHA in cities like Barcelona, Valencia, Leon, Las Palmas, Castellon, Jaen, Madrid, Mallorca and Asturias. For 2011/2012, academic year they have very good previsions.



At ALOHA International, We highly value her services and contributions in developing ALOHA in Spain and Europe. We recognize Mrs. Kiran Motwani as our ALOHA Star for her aggressive efforts in spreading ALOHA. She has been traveling across continents learning and sharing ALOHA Mental Arithmetic. We have seen her footprints from India to China, Malaysia and Spain for her commitment to ALOHA. Our trainers too have recognized her talents and initiative to learn and share, she always finds ideas to improve the teaching and have really appreciated her findings in Mental Arithmetic. She has also acted a pivotal role to ALOHA International and ALOHA Spain business handling. She has helped to build a bridge to strengthen the business ties between us.

DSC_01351We appreciate the efforts of the management of ALOHA Spain for giving her opportunities to perform and show her talents in ALOHA Mental Arithmetic Education. We also appreciate her efforts as a woman, a mother, a foreigner in a new land to popularize her belief and help spread ALOHA. We recognize her as our ALOHA Star. We wish her all the very best in her efforts.

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  1. Guadalupe Ley Zayas says:

    Buenos días me interesa contactarme con ustedes. Soy profesora de nivel primaria y muy decepcionada de los pocos resultados de los programas matemáticos del sistema educativo. He visto vídeos de su programa de cálculo mental y me atrae muchísimo. Vivo en una dinámica ciudad con mucho potencial.

    • admin says:

      Buenas tardes,
      Nos puedes avisar de que país nos contactas para poder dar te mas información.
      ALOHA Internacionl

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