Mrs Vanessa Campos – ALOHA Panama

“Discipline will sooner or later conquer intelligence” – Japanese Proverbs.

We are pleased to announce our ALOHA Star of the year, Vanessa Campos from ALOHA Panama, who with a lot of work, passion and
commitment has earned this recognition.

Vanessa Campos from the City of Panama is the mother of two children,
Adrian Armando is 9 years old and Juan Diego is 13 years old and is
married to Adrian Cedeño.

She shares her ALOHA experience with a smile and a peculiar glow in her
eyes: “ALOHA made me fall in love when I saw the mental calculations and,
above all, knowing that the main goal is to enhance the abilities of each child, I simply felt that I should be part of the ALOHA family.”

It was in 2015, when her husband Adrian, her brother Frederick and she, decided to get the ALOHA program to Panamanian children. They began operations on April 5, 2016 with only 5 children, and by 2019 they had more than 600 children, 5 ALOHA Centers, 2 authorized centers and 5 prestigious schools nationwide.

“ALOHA has not only helped me and my husband, but also my children. They have improved in many ways, both have experienced a growth in their self-confidence, have made themselves stand out and be better at many activities, both in school and out of school. In addition, they love their activities. They are very happy at ALOHA and they show it every day.” said Vanessa.

She, along with her children and other ALOHA Panama students, has been travelling around the world representing Panama in the ALOHA International Competitions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia and China.

Professionally, ALOHA Panama and the Panama children have delivered excellent results. They obtained national recognition from the Mayor’s Office of Panama City and tribute from the Ministry of Economy and Finance. They also won awards from National Enterprises, social organizations such as Boy Scouts. ALOHA Panama also received an honourable welcome from the President of the Republic of Panama.

“This has made me grow a lot, always taking me out of my comfort zone just to teach me that, to change the world, we only must start with one person, ourselves. As I’ve always said, it’s a privilege for me to be able to positively touch the lives of other human beings. And what fills me with emotion and satisfaction is knowing that not only do we help people to grow in a working way, but we help our children, knowing that with love, effort and dedication, we change the lives of Panamanian children, this is something that I would never change. ALOHA simply changed our lives!” shares Vanessa with emotion.

Vanessa emphasized that her experience with ALOHA has been wonderful. She mentioned that the ALOHA International team is made up of extraordinary people who are in love with the role they play, in making the whole ALOHA learning process simple and enjoyable.

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