Muruga Manickavelu – ALOHA USA

mani111_8_sIt was a holiday visit to India about 5 years ago which brought Mr. Manickvelu across the Aloha Concept when he chanced upon meeting his friends children who were Aloha Students. He was amazed by the speed and accuracy of their computational skills. He wanted to teach the same for his own children. The quest for teaching his own kids brought him to Aloha International and he decided to spread his entrepreneur wings and take up the Aloha Country Master Franchise for the United States of America.

Aloha USA was launched in 2005 by Mr.Manickvelu along with the support of his wife Mrs. Narmatha Punithavelu. Initially it was difficult for them to penetrate the markets to introduce the new concept of Mental Arithmetic. Aloha was often mistaken for other products. But with their utmost concentration on the quality deliverance of the product and the establishment of classrooms , Aloha Mental Arithmetic began to be known for its wonderful benefits to its students.
Headed by Mr. Manickvelu and Mrs Narmatha and backed with its dedicated team comprising of Ms. Ramamani, Ms Archana, Ms.Kalpana and Ms.Suchitra, Aloha USA has created an exclusive niche in the field of Mental Arithmetic in the United States. Today the biggest feather in its cap is the establishment of 100 centers across America. Aloha USA proudly boasts of centers in the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia North Carolina New Hampshire Texas California and Georgia. Aloha USA has proven its success as a successful educational enterprise by showing a 100% growth in the last 2 years. Due to the consistent and committed efforts of the team in franchise development Aloha has emerged as one of the fastest growing franchises in the education industry. One of the key factors which have helped in the establishment of the Aloha Brand is the right franchise identification of the like minded individuals with the commitment to provide quality teaching.
APari-_0363Aloha USA today boasts of over 5000 students on its roster. Aloha Mental Arithmetic has won respect of all parents teachers and franchisees. Children too have taken an immense liking to the concept and are enthusiastic about their Aloha activities. To encourage all involved in Aloha, Aloha USA organizes an annual Aloha Day whose main feature is the Aloha Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition where all Aloha students get an opportunity to showcase their Aloha skills and various other activities for children.
APari-_0533Under the leadership of Mr.Manickvelu Aloha USA plans to expand its network to include at least 400 centers across the States in the next 5 years. The next year will see dedicated development in sthe states of Washington Illinois California and Texas.

We at Aloha International recognize Mr.Manickvelus efforts to spread the Aloha Concept in America. We honor him as our Aloha Star and wish him and his team all success and hope they achieve their dreams.