Mr. Ricardo Almeida – ALOHA Spain

Ricardo4_11_sIt’s an absolute delight to present the ALOHA International Star, Mr. Ricardo Almeida, Director ALOHA Spain.  A telecom engineer by profession Mr. Ricardo Almeida is a Post Graduate in Business administration from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya. The coerce in him to do something for his country in terms of education made him hooked to the unique concept of ALOHA program.

Mr Ricardo Almeida was quite fascinated by the ALOHA program which swayed around a unique approach of learning Mathematics. He was quite captivated by the smooth roller coaster ride in finding answers to complex mathematical problems. He was spellbound by the brain development it offered the kids while undergoing the process of solving the problems.
His experience with ALOHA has been a fine-looking one. His ardor for success has been transformed into the rising number of students enrolled for the ALOHA program. Started in November 2009, more than 10,000 students are being entrenching the benefits of the program. Aloha Spain has climbed many a pinnacles of success under the aegis of Mr. Ricardo Almeida. His own child has been taking up the ALOHA program since last year. He feels that ALOHA program has evinced a great interest for Mathematics in the child, apart from the augmented concentration levels in academics.


directivos_1ALOHA was the first one to lead its way in launching such a unique concept of brain development and learning Mathematics in the continent of Europe, which was a herculean task in itself. Mr. Ricardo ascribes this success, to the cumulative efforts of his team from ALOHA Spain.

Shouldering his steps towards reaching the zenith of excellence is Mr. Salvador the CEO of Aloha Spain, Mr. Sergio Vila, Mr. Stephane Guyout, Mr. Kamal Motwani, and Mrs. Kiran Motwani.


The success achieved in Spain has instigated the team to traverse the extra miles with the launch of the program in Europe.

Mr. Ricardo has envisaged a resolutely engrained strategy for Aloha Spain by increasing the enrollment of students to 15000 by the end of this year and also selling two countries under the aegis of ALOHA Spain.

Aloha international wishes to place on records it’s appreciation to Mr. Ricardo and his team in bringing an upheaval in the field of learning and brain development. The team has finely drafted the documents and much more material which meet the European standards by using innovative and creative ideas. Thanks to the collaboration of ALOHA Spain that this documentation has been provided to the Latin American countries also.


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