Mr. Salvador Vila – ALOHA Europe

ALOHA Star.GIF_13_s“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry For

There is absolutely no doubt this has been always the vital mantra of Mr. Salvador Vila Horrach, ALOHA Spain CEO and this year ALOHA Star who with hard work, perseverance and a strict focus in quality the businessman has made a distinctive contribution to the brand promotion within Europe.

When in 2000, Mrs. Kiran Motwani joined Mr. Vila Horrach’s company; nobody could have foreseen they would be teaming up in the future to lay the foundations of ALOHA in Europe. Nevertheless, when in 2009 Mrs. Motwani presented the program to Mr. Vila Horrach, he soon realized it was the kind of program Spanish students needed to learn, and so he embarked in this journey

ALOHA_Star_-_Image2_1To understand his determination, it should be mentioned that this self-made man has not only raised several companies, given employment to thousands of people but also he has devoted himself to improving the quality of life of those around him. His concern with social issues, had led him to take active involvement in several organizations such as Rotary Club.


The first ALOHA group started in November 2009 in Palma de Majorca with just 72 students. In these six years the program has experienced a sustained growth reaching more than 10,000 students who nowadays enjoy the benefits of the program in one of the 500 centres spread all over Spain. A tremendous success based on the hard work of all the ALOHA team headed by Mr. Salvador Vila Horrach.

ALOHA was the first one to lead its way in launching such a unique concept of brain development and learning mathematics in the continent of Europe, which was a herculean task Mr. Vila Horrach did shouldered by Mr. Ricardo Almeida, ALOHA Spain Director, Mr. Sergio Vila, Mr. Kamal and Mrs. Kiran Motwani.

The adventurous spirit of Mr. Vila Horrach and the success achieved in Spain instigated the team to traverse the extra miles with the launch of the program in Europe.


In 2011 Mr. Vila Horrach embarked in another journey with his trusted team and set up ALOHA Europe with the aim of continuing spreading the program benefits abroad.

The quality focus approach laid down by Mr. Vila Horrach which borne its fruits in Spain, was also inoculated in ALOHA Europe. Thus, the team drafted all the necessary documents and much more material which meet the European standards by using innovative and creative ideas.

The engrained strategy conceived by the managers in order to position ALOHA Mental Arithmetic as the leader program in mental development proved worthwhile and the program has already delegations in Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Croatia and Andorra.

The aim of Mr. Vila Horrach has always been to reach the zenith of excellence; working constructively, slowly but surely. A vital mandate he has always applied and, together with his optimism, earned him the admiration, respect and affection of those who had the privilege of knowing him.