William Poh – ALOHA Melaka Malaysia

williampoh_5_s_5_sAloha International is proud to honour Mr. William Poh and Madam Hau as the Aloha Stars of the month.

It was in 1993 Mr. William Poh and Madam Hau first came across the Aloha concept. Their involvement with Aloha initially started as Mrs Poh began her first Aloha center at Jasin, Melaka, Malaysia as a franchisee. Mr. William soon realizing the potential of Aloha began helping his wife in doing the Aloha business.

He expanded the horizon of  Aloha International in teaching abacus for the first time to students who were not of Chinese origin.  He became a pioneer in this field and was the first person to teach the mental arithmetic program in a different language…, as till then Aloha had always been taught in Mandarin. His efforts were an instantaneous hit with all the students and the use of abacus method was not limited only to the Chinese students.

Soon due to his sincere efforts he was able to introduce the Abacus and the Aloha concept in local Malay schoosl.  Madam Hau too helped him with the spread of Aloha by introducing it to students from rural areas and helping them benefit from the concept.  Impressed with their efforts in teaching and spreading the Aloha and abacus concept , Professor Zhong  Suyi – the Zhejiang Abacus Association Chairman from china visited their schools in rural areas.  Mr. William Poh was soon awarded the “Zhusuan award for Excellence” – An International award being given by the Zhejiang Abacus Society in recognition to the efforts of promotion of the Chinese Abacus.  Together Mr Poh and Madam Hau today run 5 successful Aloha centers in Malaysia.

williampohwithlohMr. William joined us 16 years ago and he has progressed steadily with us. He has grown from the ranks of a franchisee to a State Manager and now he is the business Manager for Aloha International Malaysia, responsible to introduce Aloha to all states in Malaysia. He has successfully introduced the concepts in 3 states in Malaysia.

Mr. William has proven his exemplary teaching skills by teaching thousands of children and helping them in mastering their computational skills. In recognition to his teaching abilities he has grown with us from a teacher to a trainer and has gradually progressed to a national and international level coach. Mr. William recently trained teachers from Aloha Sudan.

In the last 16 years Mr. William Poh and Madam Hau have helped spread the awareness for Aloha Mental Arithmetic program across Malaysia. Aloha International is proud to have Mr.Poh and Madam Hau as members of its Aloha family. We applaud their efforts in spreading our concept to all. We appreciate their sincerity commitment to the cause of Aloha. We wish them all success in their future endeavors. They are our Aloha Stars.