Ms. Diana Artunduaga – ALOHA Ecuador

Ms. Diana Artunduaga – ALOHA Star

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do-what you love and believe in it, and it will come naturally”. David Frost

Diana Artunduaga, a 35 year old accountant, mother of two lovely kids named Alejandra and Francisco, born in Quito, is the Director of ALOHA Ecuador.

The story between ALOHA and Diana can be called “A dream come true”. She started looking for something to complement her professional experience, because she used to market educational products for kids during 14 years and always wanted something to make the difference regarding the education in Ecuador. She emphasised, with a big smile on her face, that one of the most important people during this journey is her brother, Luis, thanks to the support that he has given to her.

She was looking in the web and found ALOHA and everything she saw made her feel in love with the whole brand. That’s when, in January 2016, she decided to start this project. “The things that differ ALOHA from other programs is all the support that was offered” she added. Diana’s intention is to be forever in ALOHA with all the commitment and dedication that is required to achieve the expectations.

The first group of students in ALOHA Ecuador was started in February 2016, in the city of Loja and Machala with 160 students. In these two years, the program has experienced an important growth that reached more than 1600 students who nowadays are enjoying the benefits of the program in the 15 centers spread over Ecuador and more than 52 instructors teaching ALOHA program. There has been a tremendous success on account of the hard work of all the ALOHA Ecuador team and the trust of the families that are enrolled in the program.

“The biggest goal in my experience is to see the families being happy, watching their children enjoying during the ALOHA classes; because that is going to change their lives and that will mark the difference in our world”, Diana said.

With tears in her eyes, she expressed that she has spent many hours working in ALOHA Ecuador to make it grow, always with the support and love of her family, otherwise this would not be possible.


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  1. Linda Munhall says:

    ¿Qué información tiene sobre cómo podríamos comenzar un grupo Aloha en Cotacachi? ¿Cuánto cuesta? ¿Cuánto dura el entrenamiento? ¿Cuánto debemos cobrar a cada alumno?

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